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Hello, I am excited to begin a new year once again. This year will be my 33rd year teaching math. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Education and a major in Psychology and a minor in Math. I have taught school in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, and Tennessee. I have been teaching in Clarksville for 15 years. I am teaching Honors Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and AP Statistics this year. I love Math, I love learning and I love my students. Fortunately for all of us, there are infinitely many lessons in mathematics so my job is never done! I am a dedicated, hardworking teacher and I am here to help.
I am also the Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor, our math club and Mathematics Honor Society. Meetings are generally every other Thursday at 7:00 am in my room, F-126. All are welcome to attend and join. In the spring, we officially induct members that meet all requirements of the National Mu Alpha Theta Society.

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Please be sure to join Google Classroom for your specific class.

Algebra II honors Period 1:  q3d2gg

Algebra II honors Period 7:  qy1ghsh

Period 2: PRE-CALCULUS : eqaqnq

Period  5  : PRE-CALCULUS: khyiiiw

Period 6  : AP STATISTICS: 837xh18

Period  3 : AP STATISTICS: oqvxek

  1. Be on time ready to work when the bell rings.
  2. Have a graphing calculator on your desk along with paper and pencils or computer when needed
  3. Be ready to take notes and engage in lesson.
  4. Check Google Classroom regularly for announcements and posts.
  5. Respect yourself, your peers, and your teacher.
  6. Cell phones off and away. You will put cellphones in a designated location during testing.  If you prefer not to do this pleases leave your cellphone at home and have a note from your parent.
  7. Ask questions when you do not understand, it helps you and the rest of the class.
  8. Be ready to work hard and diligently.
  9. Come in for help when you need it. Tutoring hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays after school