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US Government, 2022-2023

Coach Holt – Room J137

Welcome to US Government.  US Government is a semester long course.  All students are expected to come to class prepared.  That means having all required materials; computer, computer charger, paper, pen or pencil.  This document list the EXPECTATIONS that everyone is required to follow while attending my class:

How the class is graded:

Each student’s overall grade at the end of the semester is determined and weighted as followed: Work & assessments during the semester = 80%, and final exam = 20% of the student’s final grade for US Government.  Grades & progress reports sent home during the semester will determined and weighted as followed: Test 50%, Quizzes 30%, and Homework 20%. 


Grades averaged for student during the semester: Test = 94%, Quiz = 95%, Homework = 92%

Tests 94 x .50 = 47, Quizzes 95 x .30 = 28.5, & Homework 92 x .20 = 18.4 (47 + 28.5 + 18.4 =   93.9)

Overall Grade During Semester: 93.9%

Compiling Final Grade for the course:

Overall Semester Grade: 93.9%, Student scored a 92% on Final Exam

(80% = Overall Semester Grade) 93.9 x .80 = 75.12 (20% = Final Exam) 92 x .20 = 18.4         (75.12 +18.4 = 93.52)        

Final Grade for US Government93.52%


Materials for this class:

Computer, Charger, paper, and pen or pencil.  The textbook will be provided online.


You must be inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings.  You are considered tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell rings.  Once the bell rings take your seat, get out your computer & wait for instructions.  If you are late coming from another class or speaking with another teacher you must have a note excusing you to class in order not to be counted tardy. 

Make up work:

You are responsible for all missed work when you are absent.  When you are absent, you have one day to make up the work.  If you are absent on the day of a test and the absence is excused, you will be allowed to have one extra day to study and make up the test.  If you are absent on the day of a test and your absence is not excused, you will take the test the day you return back to school. 

Personal Items:

Everything besides your computer or any other required materials for the day should be under your desk.  Purses, jackets, backpacks, & etc must be under your desk.  Please stay away from my desk & cabinets.

Leaving the classroom:

Do not ask to go to the bathroom while I’m addressing the class.  If you must go wait until I’m finished with my lecture or addressing the class.  Get my attention, take the hall pass and walk quietly through the hall.  Do not abuse bathroom privileges.  You may not go to see another teacher during class time, unless you have a note or the teacher calls and requests you.  DO NOT ASK TO LEAVE.  Stay in your seats until the bell rings

Cell Phones:

You may have your cell phone on your desk face down on silent.  If an emergency situation arises and you must use your phone ask for permission.  The easiest way to keep your cell phone is to not give me any reason to think your using it.  This includes trying to use it while in your purse, pocket, backpack, & etc.  Violation of the cell phone policy will result in confiscation of the phone and sent to the office with a referral.

Food & Drinks:

No food is allowed inside the classroom.  You may bring a drink to class as long as it contains a lid of some sort.  When finished please put all trash in the trash can located next to the door.  Leaving trash on the floor will result in the loss of drink privileges.   

Announcements, guests, or calls to the classroom:

During announcements, visits from guests, teacher observation, & phone calls you should remain quiet.  Throughout the year there may be visitors or guest enter the classroom. You will treat all visitors with respect whether they are a teacher, student, parent, coach, or administrator.

Please review these rules and expectations with your parents.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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