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Hello! We are currently adjusting out syllabus and curriculum to best fit the needs of all students attending CHS - traditionally and virtually. Feel free to look around! The current syllabus had been updated. Your student should check their email for an invitation to Google Classroom. Welcome to my homepage. You can find all the information you need about our class right here. Check out the documents to the right for specifics about our classroom! The syllabus outlines daily expectations, grading policies, retest policies, and academic expectations. Students are expected to check Google Classroom daily which is where I will post announcements, assignments, and notes. If any parents are interested in receiving a summary of the post from Google Classroom, please notify me in an email.
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Hello and Welcome to Algebra I!

Let's be honest, how many of your forget to do your homework? If you remember to look at the practice problems, how many of you forget what we talked about in class and struggle to remember all of the steps? We have a solution!

This year we are "flipping" our classroom! This means spending more time in-class practice with me and spending less time frustrated doing practice problems at home.

Here is my compromise: when you go home you watch a video. 

When you are in class: work on practice problems with help from me and your notes!

The following materials are required for this class on a daily basis:

  • Your math notes!! They are required every day. Before I answer your question, we check your notes together. 
  • Pencils, Highlighters (2 or more colors), Expo Marker 
  • Pink Eraser or cap erasers
  • white out (if a student chooses to write in pen)

To create study habits and help students organize their thoughts I recommend:

  • Sticky notes for personal use 
  • Tab dividers/washi tape to distinguish new units/important pages
  • Having a separate binder or folder Algebra I. 
    • We do not have a textbook in Algebra I. These notes will become your textbook to study for the final exam. Our notes have steps and examples written out, so you aren't saving a bunch of crumpled notebook paper with scratch work on it!

If you would like to contribute to our classroom supplies we are always in need of:

    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Tissues 

Does my student need a calculator?

A classroom set of calculators is provided by the school but must remain in the classroom at all times.

If you are interested in purchasing your own personal graphing calculator, here is some helpful information:

  • What type? TI-84+ or TI-84+ Silver Edition (more memory for apps); TI-84+ CE (more memory & color display)
  • Where to buy NEW? Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, Office Max, or the Texas Instrument website.  Costs can range from $85.00 to $150.00.
  • Where to buy USED? EBay, Amazon, Craig’s List, The Leaf-Chronicle, Study Masters.  Costs vary depending on where you purchase.  I have seen them as low as $40.00.

*Although graphing calculators are expensive, know that your child will use it for all four years of high school and throughout college as well.*



Virtual Expectations:

Join Google Classroom! This is where you will find your weekly agendas with assignments & activities for the week. 

1st - shq2rdf

3rd - dwjm3rn

5th - crpsk3v

6th - decmtv4

7th - s6euj3e

8th - mfvd4pz

Check your student email DAILY. I recommend turning notifications on your Chrome browser or your cellphone for student emails. This is how you will communicate with your teachers outside of class hours/zoom calls.

Join our Zoom calls for attendance! Attendance will be marked for joining the zoom call on time & will be adjusted if you log off early. The expectation set is that I host a Zoom call for the full 80 minute class and you attend the full 80 minutes. 

Mrs. Johnson’s Classroom Expectations: These expectations are hung on the wall as a reminder of how we should behave in class and around our school.

Be Kind to your classmates. Use encouraging words. Words such as shut up and stupid will not be tolerated.

Be Responsible. Be respectful. You are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for your learning. Be honest. Be on task.

Be Prepared. Bring your math notebook, laptop, laptop charger, and a pencil to class each and every day.

Be on Time. You are expected to be in your assigned seat with your notebook out and bags put away before the tardy bell rings.

No food or open drinks in class. You may have a drink in a bottle that closes during class times. Please consume all snacks in the hallway before the bell.

Grading Scale 

100 - 93 Outstanding Achievement 
92 - 85 Above Average Achievement 
84 - 75 Average Achievement 

74 - 70 Below Average Achievement

 69 -0 Unacceptable Achievement